Just 20 minutes a day can change your life. We have all heard that pitch before. Usually, its referring to the latest and greatest exercise program or workout machine which, after you buy it, within six months you’ll probably end up using to hang-dry clothes. 

But if you are a voiceover talent or looking to become a voiceover talent, 20 minutes a day of reading out loud and/or actively listening can definitely help to boost your career. For those of us auditioning and working everyday, 20 minutes is pretty easy to achieve. But, how often do you take 20 minutes to go back and listen to things you’ve submitted a week ago or even a month ago? Listening back to the auditions and work you’ve done is a great way to gain some perspective on what is working and what still needs work.

I always tell those who are just beginning their voiceover adventure, that listening is the most important part of what we do. I’ve said it often, “you have two ears and one mouth to remind you to use your ears twice as much.” Read out loud, record and listen back. Ask yourself, “Did I properly and effectively communicate the feelings, meanings and subtext that are important to the script, but not written on the page?” Answering that question honestly can be very helpful when approaching that next script.

Are you getting coaching on a regular basis? You should be. More importantly, you should be recording those sessions and listening back after the session. Hear the difference between your first read and your last, as well as the progress you made along the way.http://sound4vo.com/the-best-voice-over-coach-is-your-ears/   So, what are you waiting for? Just 20 minutes a day can change your life. You may not tone your abs, hips or thighs, but you just might tune your ears.

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