Mervyn’s Thanksgiving Rooster (Male)


ROOSTER: Alright people . . .

VIDEO: Rooster shadow animated through window hopping onto window sill.

ROOSTER: It’s the day after Thanksgiving!

VIDEO: Rooster in Mervyn’s sweater talks to couple in bed.


VIDEO: Couples feet… then rooster hops up onto bed.

ROOSTER: Mervyn’s doors open at 5 am…so RISE AND SHINE!

VIDEO: Rooster walking in front of mervyn’s “m” at sun-up.

ROOSTER: Plus, there’s hundreds of Early Bird Specials throughout the store!

VIDEO: Montage of products “blow” by like snowflakes.

ROOSTER: The first 200 customers get a $10 reward card!

VIDEO: Rooster narrates offers. Reward card spins on screen.

ROOSTER: Doors open at 5am! So UP and AT ‘EM!

VIDEO: Back to couple in bedroom with rooster, they jump out of bed in a hurry.

ROOSTER: And you’ll earn $10 for every $50 you spend!

VIDEO: Titles & graphics

ROOSTER: Shopping early has its rewards!

VIDEO: Titles & graphics

ROOSTER: So much for cock-a-doodle-doo.

(ALT ROOSTER: Who wants eggs?)

(ALT ROOSTER: Hey, wait for me…!)


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