Mighty Math Audition Piece (male & female)

Mighty Math Audition Piece: On Screen Animated Character
Female: Reading to children in grades K – 3. This character interacts with the children, and sounds like a little boy – think Bart Simpson.
Male: Reading to children in grades 4-6 readings. A slightly older sounding voice, but still read with young kids in mind (Age 9/10). This voice should be a sort of zanyish male voice, and be more mature than the female voice.

Hi, I’m Eddy.
Welcome to Block Busters.
You can click each mouse and make ones, ten, or hundreds.
If you want to remove blocks, drag them to the trashcan.
If you want to regroup ten ones as one ten, click this arrow.
If you want to regroup one ten as ten ones…click this arrow. You can click a block to subtract it. And you can click this area to bring it back again.
If you want to hear the question again, click this button.
Okay let’s get started.


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