Pandora (female) – Video Game

Pandora is an individual. She is curious, fearless, stubborn, driven, and has very poor impulse control. She doesn’t look for trouble, but it sure knows how to find her, and she never shies away from it. She knows her tastes are not normal, and doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to flaunt her style she just wants to be able to do what she wants to do, which is satisfy her insatiable curiosity. If there is a door closed, a locker locked, or a hallway hidden, Pandora will be hooked. Death being the greatest mystery of all, she’s mesmerized by it. A fascination with death and a unique individuality = a poster child for the perky-goths. She’s single minded, confident, inquisitive, and upbeat. She doesn’t follow anyone’s rules but her own and is fiercely loyal to her friends. Buzz words: Unique and confident, Perky Goth, Poor Impulse Control, Curious, Fearless/Stubborn/Driven, Loyal, Unintentional Trouble, Charming

Age: 12 – 13 (Middle School)

Physical Description:
Her movements articulate her difficulty in suppressing her enthusiasm. Her motions get bigger and bigger as she begins to bubble with excitement about her latest interest. Her face is animated, and she hops up and down when excited Pandora would have that bubblegum pop sound without being too cutesy. Her voice should have lots of character and individuality to it. It’s VERY important that she sound endearing and not annoying.

Sounds Like:
· Cute, Bubbly
· Giggly, but not too high-pitched.
· Example voice: Lori Petty (Tank Girl)
· Upbeat
· Natalie Portman
· Confident

Audition Lines:
Embarrassed, dry statement, not whiney: “I can’t believe we got flinched off a cliff.”
Overwhelmed, frustrated: “What a crummy day! We’re failing biology. We’re being attacked by rabid teddy bears. . TEDDY BEARS! And now we’re lost… ”
Panicked, worried: “Dead Guppy! Run! Don’t be a hero!”
Cheering, happy: “Series of Woo hoos, yippee, etc”
Modest cry of pain (combat): “Ahh”
Banter with DJ, snappy: “Your mama saw it first.”
Complaining: “This is BORING. Science is such a waste of time.”
Normal Pandora Banter: “Piece of cake! Mmm, chocolately delicious cake.”
Concerned: “Oh DJ, I’m so sorry.”


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