PlayStation 1-800# Hotline (Male & Female)

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Thanks for calling the Sony PlayStation Hotline! As you’ve probably heard, PlayStation
arrives September 9 in stores everywhere and promises to be the hottest next generation game
system ever! To find out more about PlayStation, press the pound key now!

Main Menu
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You’ve reached the Main Menu!
To find out how to reserve your PlayStation BEFORE September 9, PRESS 1.
For a summary of hot, new games available in September, PRESS 2.
For sneak previews of games coming later this fall, PRESS 3.
For PlayStation technical specs and product features, PRESS 4.
If at any time you wish to return to the Main Menu, PRESS THE POUND KEY.
To exit at any time, PRESS 9.

Menu 1
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PlayStation’s coming September 9 at a suggested retail price of $299. So how can you
guarantee you get yours? It’s simple. Put down a small deposit at participating retailers and
reserve it! When you reserve your PlayStation, you’ll take home a FREE Game Developer’s
Demo CD that includes music, technical specs and interactive footage!
Put the CD into your CD player and hear rippin’ musical tracks from Dandelion, Korn,
The The, Mother May I, and Dag! Then, on September 9, pop the same CD into your
PlayStation and experiment with development tools used to create 3-D games with movie quality
special effects!

Menu 2
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Over 15 different PlayStation games will be available in September. Namco’s Ridge Racer,
a gut-wrenching racing game with 1st and 3rd person views, features 3-D rendered graphics in
real time, 13 different cars and 5 different courses to choose from! Not to mention arcade quality
sound and 200-plus miles per hour lap speeds!
And hold on! Cuz the most explosive fighting game ever is coming only to PlayStation:
Battle Arena Toshinden! This lightning-quick fighter features 360-degree camera angles, 3-D
rendered graphics, and 8 different fighters that will sweep kick, rapid-fire punch, “bleep” slap,
Fo fart and perform unbelievably awesome killer combos. Battle Arena Toshinden’s superior
speed and gameplay make it the best home fighting game ever! Are you up to it?!
Other PlayStation titles coming in September include ESPN Extreme Games, Kileak*:
The DNA Imperative, Air Combat, Total Eclipse Turbo, Wing Commander 3, and NBA Jam
Tournament Edition! Call 1-800-771-3772 for Information on Game Ratings.
* v/o note: pronounced “kuh-leek”

Menu 3
Length: :55

The rumors are true! Mortal Kombat 3 is coming first to PlayStation on October 1!
MK3 on PlayStation will be just like the arcade experience with 13 3-D rendered backgrounds,
fully digitized fight sequences, 14 different fighters (including the return of Sonya and Kano),
and tons of secret “kombat kodes.”

Also coming exclusively to PlayStation in October is WipeOut, a futuristic, racing game
with jumps, drop-offs and sharp turns that makes for a complete adrenaline rush! It’s a 3-D
experience like no other!

Menu 3

But that’s not all! There will be over 50 PlayStation games available by Christmas
including WarHawk, Twisted Metal, Madden NFL ‘96, Tekken, Destruction Derby, Gex,
Primal Rage, NHL Face Off, Descent, and NFL GameDay just to name a few. Call 1-800-
771-3772 for Information on Game Ratings.

Menu 4
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You really want the tech specs on this monster? Well then check this out. PlayStation’s got multiple, independent custom processors, a dedicated 32-bit RISC CPU,* a double-speed
CD-ROM drive, digital lighting, texture mapping capabilities and CD-quality sound. These
features allow for 360-degree camera movement, the power to display full-frame video at 30
frames per second, the ability to process 360,000 polygons per second and 16.8 million colors
simultaneously. WHEW! Can’t keep up with it all? Don’t worry. All you need to know is that
all this stuff packed into one machine means superior 3-D graphics, realistic characters and
environments and super-fast gameplay. What else do you need to know?
* v/o note: pronounced “risk C-P-U”

Length: :15

Thanks for calling the Sony PlayStation hotline! To find out even more about
PlayStation, check out our Website address at! And remember, on
September 9 PlayStation will be ready. Will you?


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