Power Rangers Story (Male & Female)

DIRECTION: Male or Female narrator needed who sounds both engaging and intimate. Should be read as if they are a parent reading to a child. Energy but still soothing/streamline.

The Power Rangers were racing through the woods on their mystic racers. “Come on Pinky. Try and keep up!” the Red Ranger teased. “No one calls me Pinky!” the Pink Ranger shouted as she chased after him. “Out of the way, slowpokes!” the Yellow Ranger yelled as he passed the other Rangers.
A call came through on their morphers – it was Udonna, their mystic teacher. “Racer practice is over, Rangers,” Udonna told them. “It’s time to study incantations. Return to Rootcore at once.” “Aw man,” the Blue Ranger complained. “I was totally going to win that race!”


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