ProteOn (Male & Female)

The ProteOn XPR36 interaction array system is comprised of a biosensor and a controller. The entire system is managed through ProteOn Manager software, which assists with instrument control, experimental design, data collection and analysis. The XPR36 can accommodate a selection of tube chemistries appropriate for a range of applications, and quality-controlled reagents and buffers are available for protocol development, instrument maintenance and instrument validation.
Surface plasmon resonance, or SPR, is the standard means of studying protein to protein interactions. But SPR’s typical single experiment design can place limitations on throughput, flexibility and optimization of experimental conditions. The ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction array system, offers a significant advance in SPR optical biosensor technology. It utilizes a microfluidics network and sensor tube design that allows the simultaneous analysis of up to 36 protein interactions. The microfluidics network first directs 6 channels to flow in parallel across the sensor chip’s surface for immobilization of 6 channels of ligand. The network then directs 6 separate channels, to send analyte at right angles across the ligand channels. It’s this criss-crossing formation that creates the 36 element interaction array, which delivers 6 sets of 6 sensorgrams in real time. The ProteOn XPR36 complements existing SPR technology, while providing greatly improved flexibility in experiment design and efficiency in optimizing experimental conditions. It offers excellent data quality, by allowing you to compare data on a single chip, within a single experiment; and saves you time by letting you test multiple experimental conditions in a single run.


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