SBC Teenlink (Girl)

Mom. Dad. It’s almost Christmas and…well, let’s just say we’ve had our problems this year. The thing with your charge cards – how would I know your credit limit?
And I’m really sorry about the garage door, but at least the car’s OK.
The fact is, after a year like this, I don’t think you should get me a Christmas present. I mean it. Get something for yourselves instead. Say a second phone line from SBC.
I know you’re thinking that it’s a present for me, but it’s not. It’s for you.
See, with two phone lines, you can make calls whenever you want ‘cause I won’t be tying up your phone. And with a special TeenLink package, you can save on features like Call Waiting and Three Way Calling. Tell you what, I’ll even let you keep it in my room, so you don’t have to worry about where to put it.
I know that’s generous, but hey…how else am I going to pay you back for that weekend you were out of town?


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