School Play (girl)

(Girl runs up excitedly to where the casting sheet is taped to the wall of her

school for the school play. She stays excited until her eyes drift down to…)


I don’t believe it! My life is over! Tree number two! I try out for the lead and

I get the part of tree number two! I’m not doing this. I’m dropping out,

changing my name and never showing my face again. I can’t be a tree…I was born

to play the queen. (she mimics the part of a queen) (Pause)

But then again, what’s that thing my Mom always says…it’s not the part, it’s

how you play it?

(She starts to mimic a tree, slowly becoming more confident and excited.)

Chin up…branches high…feel the wind. Yeah…I can do this! I’m gonna be the

best tree this school has ever seen!


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