Sebastian (male)

When he was alive, he worked as a butler in the mansion he now haunts. Now, he’s the leader of the few “good ghosts” remaining in the mansion, and is the player’s guide and advisor in the game.

He’s smart, has a strong sense of responsibility, and is an all-around good guy, but sometimes has a bit of a sarcastic edge. He has a sense of humor, and jokes around once in a while.

He helps the player with advice and directions, but his real goal is to save the spirits of those who used to live in the mansion from the evil ghosts. He is also trying to save the Demon Girl, and turn her back into the kind girl she once was. So in a sense, he’s using the player for his own purposes, but he doesn’t mean any harm.

He’s supposed to be 21 years old, but given the extremely cartoony nature of the game, and the extremely cartoony appearance of the character, we don’t have to pay much attention to that.

He should have an English accent—the point here is not to convince Americans that he’s English, or to make him stand out that way. Rather, it needs to sound authentic and unobtrusive to a British listener. So a cartoony English butler, but not the American stereotype of an English butler—we don’t want stuffy or old, for example.

So we want… polite, smart, witty, cute (to match the visuals), and an English accent. If an actor wants to try a few different interpretations, that might be good. Also, if the actor wants to tweak the phrasing, that’s fine, too.

1. “Welcome! You’ve come at a most opportune moment! I am Sebastian, the butler here. As you can see, the mansion has been taken over by evil spirits.” (polite, happy to see people who can help him)

2. “Delightful! However, you could do it in one hit if you charge your strike. (giving the player gameplay advice)

3. “That… could that be… Please! Wait! Come back, please!” (sees Demon Girl, and recognizes her to be the daughter of the mansion, turned evil—shocked and unbelieving)

4. “Will there be one player today? Or two? …Very well, this way, please.” (polite, friendly)

5. “Please strike the ghosts as they appear. …Very good! Quite proficient use of the staff.” (polite, instructive)


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