Commercial Styles: What’s Booking with Steve Reisberg (Recorded)



Commercial voiceover styles ride the wave of current trends. Knowing what’s in style and what advertisers are looking for is a must. So, what’s booking now?

In this recorded webinar, Steve will cover the following:

  • How contemporary reads differ from what came before.
  • The “non-announcer” read – what does it really mean?
  • How “conversational” is actually a style
  • The less is more approach
  • Modern character types
  • Contemporary speech patterns that may be fads (upspeak, vocal fry, slang)
  • Natural versus truthful – what the difference is, why it matters, and which is best
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected reads
  • How the proliferation of untrained talent has changed what is accepted as “good”

As the former Booth Director for William Morris Agency, The Tisherman Agency, and TGMD Talent, Steve has directed and coached some of the industry’s best, including the great Don LaFontaine!!

Join Steve Reisberg as he guides you through the current commercial styles and what’s booking!


Duration: 90 mins
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