Tanya Buchanan, One-on-One Voice Over Coaching by the Hour



Tanya Buchanan is the owner of Ta-Da! Voiceworks Talent Agency
working regularly with talent and clients all over North America and abroad.
With over 30 years in the voiceover business, Tanya started her journey as
a voice talent herself and then crossed over to the other side by opening
Ta-Da! Voiceworks in 2008. Her extensive VO background, passion for the
voiceover industry and highly attuned business acumen have garnered her
a reputation as a trusted and successful agent, manager and mentor.

Tanya works with talent specifically on perfecting their commercial reads
and has the unique advantage of providing insight, advice and direction
based on what she sees and hears working with casting directors and
clients on a daily basis. She also provides coaching on the business of
voiceover providing advice on everything from understanding rates, how to
negotiate, career strategies, getting an agent and more.

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