Derrick appears dressed in his regular uniform, nods to the guards as he moves close to the window. He stares at the alien, at her serene beauty. The alien’s eyes open.

DERRICK My name’s Derrick. I’m the one who found you.

The alien simply stares making Derrick all the more self-conscious.

DERRICK (cont’d) Do you…have a name?

FEMALE ALIEN It does not translate to your language.

Over the LOUDSPEAKER, a VOICE calls all pilots to the fleet hangar,once again reminding Derrick that he’s been left out. He looks at the Alien. DERRICK (cont’d) You don’t think we can win, do you?

FEMALE ALIEN You will not defeat the Gamelons. Although you fight with passion and conviction, your race has a fatal flaw.

DERRICK What’s that?

FEMALE ALIEN You live as one society yet you strive for individuality. This paradox makes you weak.

Derrick thinks about this.

DERRICK How do you know so much about us?

FEMALE ALIEN We have studied you for some time.

DERRICK Really. So who won the ’73 World Series?

The alien stares blankly.

DERRICK (cont’d) Nevermind. Bad joke.


Only a few Astrofighters remain. Darrick is standing before a crowd consisting of RESERVE PILOTS, battle weary VETERANS, the not seriously WOUNDED and MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL.

DERRICK I’ll keep this short. I’m putting together a crew of volunteers to accompany me on a difficult mission.

A VOICE from the back —

VOICE (os) What kind of mission?

Derrick pauses, not knowing how this is going to sound.

DERRICK Yesterday, we received an offer from an unknown alien nation. An offer of help in our war with the Gamelons.

Derrick is met with hollow stares, shaking heads…

DERRICK (cont’d) We will be travelling to the distant galaxy of Iskandar.

The men start to drift away.

DERRICK (cont’d) (scrambling) It may be our last hope! We’ve been promised technology that can defeat the Gamelons! — even restore the earth to the way it was before the war!

Now the men are leaving in droves.

DERRICK (cont’d) All I need is an experienced crew. I know I can count on you men. Those who would like to volunteer, please …step forward…

Derrick is standing alone in the hangar. He lowers his head in frustration.

JO (os) I’m sorry about Alex.

Derrick looks up. Jo is standing off to the side.


JO (approaching) You’re really going through with this?

DERRICK (bitterly) It’s better than sitting around here waiting to die.


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