I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Cristina’s class on creating kids’ voices is the single most important class I have ever taken for Voice Over. She does not just teach technique, she teaches SAFE technique. And that is what makes for a long, and more importantly, healthy, career.
Her ability to create separate, distinct, and BELIEVABLE voices for both boys and girls at every age is phenomenal. The way she breaks technique down so that literally anyone can replicate it comes from a wealth of experience, and the foundation provided by professional vocalists for parents who contributed to her development of proper care of her vocal instrument and ability to analyze and isolate the multiple techniques she instinctively uses and present them in a clear, attainable manner.

Cristina was born to be a teacher. She has the unique combination of experience, patience, generosity and a genuinely warm, beautiful spirit that thrives on enriching the lives of others. She happens to be a lot of fun too! I highly recommend her and her institution, the Global Voice Acting Academy.