Wow, so much praise for these guys! I joined their FB community awhile back and they are ALL so kind, generous, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the VO World. This group led me to taking a one night Pro Intensive of the Realistic Kids Voices class, taught by the one and only Cristina Milizia.

This workshop was game changing to be sure! Just from perusing the in depth ‘homework handouts’ she sent us prior to the workshop, I learned so many things about the Whys and Wheres of my vocal sound, once together she taught us about the Hows! I have trained with a lot of different teachers and everyone has their own way of passing forth their knowledge…Cristina’s is based on teaching us how ANATOMICALLY our voice works, mixed of course with a generous, patient, fun loving spirit. Because she breaks everything down anatomically, with practice and understanding, anyone can grow and expand their range of characters ten fold just from this one class.. I watched it happen with the gals around me!

I found even though this was a character class, the things I was learning will easily be applied to all genres of VO…especially the ability to do certain things with my voice with ZERO vocal strain. So many gold nuggets came from this class. Easily the most career changing class I’ve taken. Thank you Cristina for your vision of the GVAA…a safe, positive, supportive community where we can all learn and rise together. 🙂