From the moment I saw Joyce Castellanos on VO Buzz Weekly and Chuck Duran shared that she is known as Mama VO, I knew I was putting myself up for adoption! What a tremendous person! So positive, so encouraging and a great promo coach. After about a dozen coaching sessions via Skype, going over scripts and learning from this seasoned pro who has directed the likes of The Don (as in LaFontaine) I felt I was ready to record my new promo demo. Cristina coordinated it all and I set a time to fly out to LA, because who doesn’t want to fly out the LA, right? On the appointed day I showed up at Atlantis Studios in Santa Monica and met Joyce, her husband Gene and our engineer John for a fantastic session. What made it encouraging? Well, the positive, knowledgeable and professional people on the other side of the glass. Let me tell you. You can’t go wrong with GVAA!