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So… You’re on the phone. You’re in a holding pattern. You are waiting. Why? You
obviously want to talk to us about something. And we sure want to speak with you. But
right now we are in the middle of helping a client who called before you. So you are On-

On-Hold you say, what the heck does that do for me? Basically, we don’t want you to
get bored or fidgety. We do not want to waste your time! We want to engage, entertain,
and inform you about tiems of importance to you And that’s really the issue. What’s
important to YOU. And it’s the same with your callers – you need to know what’s
important to THEM. Help solve their problem, and your job is so much easiler. You
have made a good impression even when you could not talk with them in person.

Webtone skillfully interprets the essence of your company and present it in a way that
engages your callers and leaves them with a solid feeling about who you are. All you
have to do is serve the business that the On-HOLD call generates . It’s our job to provide
every one of those callers with an impression of you that won’t be forgotten.

What’s at stakewhen you put a caller ON_HOLD is your company’s image – what
makes you memorable. Webtone is committed to helping you portray an image that is
positive and helpful. That puts your company in a good light!


It was just a few years ago when it seemed like the answer to every problem in the world
was going to be the Internet. Lots of people found out the hard way that the “Internet”
would never replace the way we buy fruit or a puppy – or even a car. Sure we can do
research on the dog or car we want. But we really need to pet that puppy, and test-drive
that car before we decide to spend our money. Every time we invent something new –
we spend some amount of time getting it right – The Internet is no exception.
But we’ve also learned that underneath all the hype, a lot of legitimate and really cool
uses for The Net did and will emerge.

It’s now possible to integrate high quality audio and video quickly – your audience
doesn’t have wait for a grainy little video clip. Instant gratification. Beautiful, high
quality picture with sound. Now the trick is balancing speed of delivery, with image and
audio quality. That’s where WebTone has been busy. When you’ve got a moment, point
your web browser to www.webtone.com/demos and take a look at how beautifully we
can balance speed and quality to deliver the essence of whatever it is you want your
prospective client to really experience. One of the biggest investments people ever make
is with regard to Real Estate. Watch and listen as we put you “into Real Estate” with
photographs and skillfully crafted audio. That is exactly what you get with a “WebTour”
by WebTone.
Are you a builder or landscaper? Do you sell expensive used cars or vacation property?
Do you want to show off the quality of your design? You now can, instantly from the
comfort of your office. With audio & video, it’s possible to tell stories, illustrate
problems, and then solve them.

Questions? We’ll be right there…


For the past 10 years, WebTone has been one of the premiere audio facilities to serve the
video game and interactive software industry in the Bay Area. Our clients include some
of the largest publishers in the world: Sega, EA, Sony Atari and Disney, to name a few.
We’ve gained their business because we are truly a full-service facility. Of course, we
offer high end recording and editing services, but we also assist game development with
talent management, focused casting, award winning directing, and some of the hottest,
most creative sound and music design this side of nowhere.


WebTone is open to the public. We’re proud of the fact that we’re accessible to anyone,
anytime. We like to think of it as “drive-up audio”. Maybe your home movie camera
had the volume set too low, and you can barely hear your daughter’s lines in the school
Christmas program. Maybe you want to transfer your favorite cassette recording to CD
before it wears out for good. Maybe you’re a singer that wants to record a few tracks
with a musical director… or a voice actor wanting to record a demo so you can get more
work in your field. We’ll keep your ideas on track and within your budget.

For smaller projects, in most cases we can have it ready for you by the end of the day. If
you can’t come by – we’ll Fed-Ex it, or we can upload to our ftp site, so you can
download it from anywhere in the world. If you’re ready to get to work, so are we…
Don’t be afraid! We’re just as creative as Hollywood – but without the mindset… or the

…We’ll be chatting with you shortly


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