“Social psychologists argue that who we are at any one time depends mostly on the context in which we find ourselves. But who creates the context? The more mindful we are, the more we can create the contexts we are in. When we create the context, we are more likely to be authentic. Mindfulness lets us see things in a new light and believe in the possibility of change.”―Ellen Langer
Below is a link to an article that discusses how important your environment is to achieving your goals. The is one of the fundamental principles upon which we founded the GVAA: we wanted voice actors (and aspiring voice actors) all over the world to have a community in which they could grow, learn, & feel completely supported in their VO goals. As isolated artists in our individual home studios, this is a challenge. But that is why this community/school exists. So that you can stay focused and be surrounded by those who will help you stay aligned with what you want most. 
We all struggle with personal challenges. A disability, a full time job that we are tied to due to finances, a family member that needs care, children we’re responsible for. But we can still fill every extra ounce of our lives with growth, learning & change. The key is consistency, & making that little bit of extra time. 
Get in a class or get into a Workout Wednesday! Meet your other GVAA members and connect. There may be someone here or in a workout that lives down the street from you!
Ask us if there is a coach on staff that would be a great mentor for you. Someone to hold you accountable and on track with your goals. If we can help, reach out to us. We are here – for you. 
Here is the article. Have an amazing day my friends!  
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