David is one of the top voiceover coaches in the business today. He works with clients worldwide and has helped many people get their starts or further their careers in the industry. In his 25 years of teaching and coaching, David has been a private coach to celebrities, and to up and coming voice actors who are definitely on their way.

He is also a casting director for games, game apps, and cartoons, as well as a voice director for a number of cartoon series.

As a voiceover talent, David has had thousands of bookings, including commercials, corporate/medical/technical narrations, and documentaries, as well as almost 70 video games and cartoons. But his real passion is teaching others how to channel their own creative energy in a way that’s fulfilling and leads to actual work.

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Coach Testimonials

“One of the best voice-over instructors in the country, David Rosenthal is sincere, energetic, kind, personable and totally professional, possessing an expertise that is one of the best in the business. His years of experience, both as a successful actor and first-rate instructor, are evident in every class. He takes each student on an adventure of self-discovery, starting from the rudimentary beginnings to the grand finale of being a professional voice actor.”

Laura Fox

“David helps you step out of your comfort zone in a fun and electrifying way! He knows how to make you feel comfortable learning within a challenging and intense environment, while having a grand time and getting to know the other students! You learn incredible tips and techniques that will take you to a new level of voice over in a short amount of time! And you get personal attention no matter the size of the class! David Rosenthal is a rare director, private coach, and actor that brings profound experience with wisdom and compassion for voice over – it shows!!”

Dona Budd

“David Rosenthal is an incredibly able and sensitive voiceover instructor. He really listens and can hear (and make YOU hear) the minute nuances of the voice and the difference it makes in presentation and eliciting the response that you want. Whether it be timing, pacing, attitude or any of the hundreds of little things that make the difference between just talking and voice ACTING, David can identify the false note and show you how to tweak your speak. He is patient, understanding, and will take the time to help you to be your best. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Carolyn Zaremba

“David Rosenthal is the real deal. I recently did audio versions of two of my books. I recorded a couple of chapters, but my publisher felt there was something missing. So I hired David to figure out what that something was and help me get ‘hold of it. He did exactly that. Over the course of a few hours, David brought out the twinkle in my eye and the smile on my face and taught me to convey them with my voice. He was a joy to work with. Straightforward, encouraging, supportive, and, ultimately, right on the money. I re-recorded the chapters and my publisher was delighted. Can’t offer higher praise!”

Armin Brott

“As I am writing this, it has been a little less than a week since I received my brand new character demos. In that time I attended a casting agency’s open call where they told me, “Usually we really critique people’s character demos but, wow, you really know what you are doing,” and received an invitation to audition for a international animated series pilot. David Rosenthal and Cristina Milizia have created a brilliant school for voice acting and have wonderful resources in place to make you a better Voice Talent and produce a “Fantastique” demo. I will definitely be back in the near future.”

Matthew Curtis