How to Succeed as a Business While Parenting with Tracy Lindley and David Rosenthal (Recorded)




Raise your hand if you are a working voice actor (or are thinking about getting into VO) AND you’re a parent! Well, you’re not alone! If you have your hand raised like Tracy and David, then you need to attend this webinar! It will help you navigate the ups and downs of being an at-home solopreneur with kids, how to manage a family while growing your business, keeping an open line of communication between you and your partner, and juggling the day-to-day, with an eye toward joyful parenting and effective time management!

In this recorded webinar you will learn:

  • What are the right questions to ask yourself when running a VO business while parenting?
  • How to make effective choices that work for the whole family
  • What are realistic expectations for a VO business’s success, given your OTHER job as a parent?
  • A solopreneur/parenting VO checklist
  • Should your child/children get involved in the business?
  • Recognizing when you need to adapt your business to life’s inevitable changes

Tracy and David will share their viewpoints and tips from their respective “jobs” as a Mom and a Dad, and the different challenges each faces while in parenting while VO.

Watch Tracy and David and learn how better to balance these two very different but fast-paced jobs!

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Recording!
Investment: $39 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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Tracy Lindley is a full-time voice actor and mother of four kids under 13 living in the Kansas City area. Since starting her business in 2014, she has managed to grow it past her first 6-figure year in 2018 while juggling VO and mom life. She regularly voices projects for brands like, Hewlett-Packard, Dollar Bank, KPMG, HyVee, iHeart Radio, and Kaiser Permanente. All four of her kids are voice actors as well, working with brands like Starbucks, Disney Resorts, Stanford Children’s Hospital, and many more. You can check out Tracy’s website at or her kids’ webpage at When not in the studio, Tracy can be found cheering (loudly) for her kids at basketball games, gymnastics practice, or band competitions.

David is one of the top voiceover coaches in the business today. He works with clients worldwide and has helped many people get their starts or further their careers in the industry. In his 25 years of teaching and coaching, David has been a private coach to celebrities, and to up-and-coming voice actors who are definitely on their way. He is also a casting director for games, game apps, and cartoons, as well as a voice director for a number of cartoon series. As a voiceover talent, David has had thousands of bookings, including commercials, corporate/medical/technical narrations, and documentaries, as well as almost 70 video games and cartoons. But his real passion is teaching others how to channel their own creative energy in a way that’s fulfilling and leads to actual work.


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