The Importance of Script Analysis: 3 Genres, 3 Approaches (Recorded)



The only way a pro voice actor can consistently stay in the running for jobs is to send off auditions based on expert, sound, script analysis.  Without it, you are throwing darts in the dark.

Know what to look for, what to disregard, how to make a script come to you instead of you being bound to the script, and how to bring the inherent narrative flow to life using tried and true methodology.

Are you sure you know what to look for? As coaches and casting directors, we find most people don’t. If you’re leaving out even one aspect of analysis on the table, you are putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage. Be thorough and confident when you send off that audition.

Come learn how!

In this webinar, GVAA’s Three Amigos, David Rosenthal, David Toback, and Sean Daeley lead you through script analysis techniques for 3 major VO genres: Commercial, Character, & Narration.

Commercial voiceover is a broad genre but it relies on your connection to the copy, creating the scene, and bringing authentic and realistic performances to the table. Learn how to identify the key points of the script, where the “turn” is, and how to create a scene where you can respond and perform realistically and authentically!

There are so many things to look for in a Character script it’s not even funny. There are roadmaps, directions, easter eggs, choreography, do’s and don’ts, physical attributes, etc.; all are there if you know where to look. Create a truly memorable performance by using this knowledge.

Being a narrator is so much more than just reading aloud. It requires storytelling skills, knowledge of subtext, and the willingness to play a role of subtlety and support. Additionally, knowledge of language can help you key in on the primary players, action, and descriptions of a given piece so that you can effortlessly convey meaning and emotion to your audience.

Join GVAA’s Three Amigos and take your script analysis game to the next level!

Duration: 1.5 Hours
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