Medical & Technical Narration with David Rosenthal (Recorded)



Medical and Technical Narration are specialized but lucrative niches in the voiceover industry. They demand a familiarity and ease with the pronunciation of medical/technical terminology, as well as an ability to sound natural and conversational while speaking a very complex vocabulary. The good news is that clients are often willing to pay more for this skill, and that’s something we can all get behind!

This three-week intensive course will get you ready to compete!

  • Learn how to de-fang complex terminology
  • Find the through-line and story for even the densest of scripts
  • Learn the proper delivery for Medical Narration

Join David Rosenthal and make your mark in this rewarding and lucrative voiceover genre!

Duration: 4 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Workshop
Investment: $229 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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