Knowing how to treat and execute auditions can be half the challenge! Here are some of my audition points you can use to develop your audition approach, improve your performance, and book the gig!

David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal

Happy reading and be sure to take notes!

  • Read copy aloud as written, at least 5 times.
  • Take note of the adjectives and key words in the script. They are your friends. Use them wisely.
  • Take a look at the Specs for consideration, but don’t be beholden to them.
  • Be conversational, not theatrical, with your delivery.
  • Be yourself. Natural and believable.
  • The feeling or attitude in your read must come from your body, not your head. Make your audition a joyful and physical one. Use your limbs, your muscles, your face.
  • Smiles and warmth are effective and a must, unless of course you’re voicing a character with a personality quirk.
  • Figure out who you are talking to, who is your demographic, and then tailor your read accordingly. Read as though you are talking to one person, not everyone in that demographic (unless, of course, the copy says something like “speaking to crowd.”)
  • Explore several options to reading and presenting the copy.
  • Try paraphrasing so that you are sure of the scripts attitude and meaning.
  • Feel free to fold your script and mark it up (for emphasis, breathing, etc.) in the appropriate places, if needed.
  • Scripts have a natural progression; find the progression in your script.Make the script come to you and bend to your will and your wishes, not the other way around.
  • Know that almost all commercials are there to solve a problem, make something better or more enjoyable, or experience something new! So you are the problem solver and the enjoyment giver.
  • Present yourself as confident and upbeat (which, hopefully, you are). If you mess-up in an audition, either don’t bring attention to your mistake, or have a great time being creative with your mistake and bring it to everyone’s attention. Just don’t apologize or negate, not even an “oops”.
  • Come to each audition piece as if it were a wonderful new battery-operated toy, and your read is what will bring that toy to life. You are the batteries that will energize it; you are the magician that will animate it.
  • Put your self in a good mood and take control.
  • And most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Let your voice be heard!


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