Coach-Led Workout: Sean Daeley (1.31.2021)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Genres: All Genres Workouts cover scripts from a variety of genres including tips and tricks for breaking down scripts and improving performance. These workouts are a great way to improve your reads in a safe and encouraging environment! All workouts will be recorded and accessible to all members at any […]

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Ready for Everything: Accents & Character Voices on Demand with Chris Lang

Description In professional voiceover work, you will be asked to do widely varied character voices and accents. You'll be asked to do them on short notice and with very little prep time. This is true whether you are voicing several characters for an animation or audiobook project, or if you're using a single, new accent […]

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Creating Characters For Your Demo with David Rosenthal

Description In order to become and remain competitive in the world of character voiceover, you need to have a stable of around 6 strong, differing characters of your own making that you can rely on for their boldness and consistency. In this online class, we will explore the process involved in creating those unique characters, and work with the characters you […]

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