It’s All About Character(s)! Acting for Video Games with Randall Ryan




Randall Ryan has witnessed the majority of actors doing one thing over and over and over: trying to guess at and give what the director wants. You may say “isn’t that the job?” He says it is not, or at least not the way most actors generally approach it.

Great voice acting is about the embodiment of a role, and doubly so in video games, where you are asking the player to suspend belief. Even if you’re voicing “yourself” you are playing a character. It’s not about vocal placement, accents, or timing; those are skills and details. The focus should always, always be on becoming the character. And frankly, it’s too big of a lift to start from scratch before every audition or project.

In this 90-minute recorded webinar, Randall touches onto the importance of:

  • backstory
  • intentions
  • situations
  • and all of the things that the client may never know…but they will absolutely hear
  • PLUS! a 30-min recorded Q&A at the end!

And even though we’re speaking about video games, ultimately it doesn’t matter what your primary genre is: commercial, narration, audiobooks, or animation, the principle is the same: it’s not about your voice, it’s all about character(s)!

Watch Randall and become a better actor by learning to become the character!!

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Recording!
Investment: $39 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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Randall’s Bio:

Randall’s journey into voice casting and directing was an unusual one. A musician from the age of five and a touring songwriter/performer for 15 years, he stopped touring to co-found InternetSound (later HamsterBall) in 1995. Quite by accident, Randall found he had a knack for directing talent, and soon voice-over became a bigger and bigger part of HamsterBall’s mix.

The work that jazzes him the most are the story-driven narratives where he gets to work with actors to explore and create deep characters and complex worlds.

Randall’s recent casting and directing credits include Chivalry 2, The Walking Dead: Destinies, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Tanks, Cosmonious High, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Vacation Simulator, and GI Joe: Operation Blackout. Legacy titles include World of Warcraft, Deer Hunter, Hearthstone,Transformers, Barbie, Disney Princess, and Dora the Explorer.

Randall co-hosts the Let’s Talk Voiceover podcast with director and actor Gillian Brashear. He still composes music, performs the occasional live gig,and thinks dogs make the best people.

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