Agent Webinar Series: Tanya Buchanan of Ta-Da! Voiceworks (Recorded)



Get to know Toronto-based talent agent Tanya Buchanan of Ta-Da! Voiceworks in our Agent Webinar Series!! Learn about her journey from voice actor to agent, how it informs her job at Ta-Da, and hear her views on the industry today!

In this recorded webinar, Tanya answers these questions and more!

  • What do you look for in the talent you sign?
  • What makes your agency unique?
  • What is your submission process?
  • Do you have a talent cap?
  • How much active screening/gatekeeping/negotiation are agents still doing these days?
  • Are certain agencies prioritized even though national agents are receiving the same opportunities?
  • Do agencies have proprietary/exclusive agreements with companies?
  • How do you perceive the “State of the VO industry,” as it is today, from an agent’s perspective? What might it look like 5 years from now?
  • How are you responding to the growing challenge that is AI or Synthetic voice recordings?
  • What advice would you give to talent pursuing their first agent, or those talent looking to upgrade to a more “exclusive” agent?
  • PLUS a 30 min Q&A where Tanya answers your questions!

Watch Tanya Buchanan share an inside look into one of the industry’s top agencies!

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Recording!
Investment: $39 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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Tanya Buchanan is owner of Ta-Da! Voiceworks, one of the top voiceover talent agencies in Canada, providing voice talent services for projects all over North America and abroad. With over 30 years in the voiceover business, Tanya started her journey as a voice talent herself and then crossed over to the other side by opening Ta-Da! Voiceworks in 2008. Her extensive VO background, passion for the voiceover industry and highly attuned business acumen have garnered her a reputation as a trusted and successful agent, manager and mentor and made Ta-Da! Voiceworks an agency that everyone loves working with!


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