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David Toback is not only the COO of GVAA and a creator of the GVAA Rate Guide but also a coach offering Rates & Negotiation, Business, and Performance coaching!

Rates Coaching

Understanding voiceover rates can be confusing, complex, and frustrating. You want to understand your value while charging clients appropriately, but getting a firm grasp on rate structures, why, and how you should quote projects can feel daunting.

In his coaching sessions, David will give you a deep and thorough understanding of rates, equipping you with the knowledge and power to quote with confidence!

He’ll cover:

  • A foundational understanding of rates and the current market
  • The value you deliver
  • Rate structures for VO genres and how to quote them
  • Usage, conflicts, and exclusivity
  • How to say NO to “in-perpetuity”
  • Negotiation strategies for success
  • Contracts and service agreements
  • Educating clients professionally and asserting your authority
  • Plus! answer any specific questions you may have!

Take control of your business, understand your value, and quote with confidence!

Business Coaching

David offers general business coaching so you can be sure you’re on the right track with things like:

  • Where and how to start the journey
  • How to keep going and growing
  • Accounting systems and invoicing
  • CRM & Marketing Strategies
  • Approaching agents
  • Continuing education
  • Plus! Mindfulness, personal development, self-care, and healthy living coaching. Pretty much everything haha!
Performance Coaching

David’s performance coaching relies heavily on script analysis and acting techniques to achieve an authentic, connected, and realistic performance. David coaches regularly in the GVAA Membership Coach-Led workouts as well as private sessions.

With David, you’ll work on things like:

  • Script Analysis: What is going on and how should I react?
  • Creating the scene and understanding how to play and react naturally in it
  • Utilizing acting techniques to create an authentically connected performance
  • Digging deeper, beyond the words to identify key drivers of the script
  • Understanding your characters motive and how you should relate/react to it
  • Getting out of your head and allowing yourself to play!
  • Techniques to make your reads more spontaneous, realistic, and sound like YOU!!
  • Plus, a fun experience!! We laugh a lot 🙂

There’s something for everyone! Select the coaching product you’d like to book from the drop-down! Looking forward to chatting soon!

Don’t forget, if you have questions about coaching you can schedule a FREE consult with David here


David is the COO of the GVAA, a voice actor, rates & performance coach, creator of the GVAA Rate Guide, and one of the industry’s foremost advocates and thought leaders. His focus is rates & negotiation, AI guardrails and protections, current industry events, voice actor value, and mindful practices to run a business from a place of abundance and authority. David is a passionate advocate for voice actors, supporting their journey through voiceover and life. He’s had the pleasure of educating the industry through the GVAA, coaching, webinars, podcasts, and speaking at conferences such as VO Atlanta , eVOcation, and V.O. North.

David currently serves as an Administrative Board Member for NAVA (National Association of Voice Actors) as well as a contributing founding member of UVA (United Voice Artists).

As a voice actor, David has worked across various genres since 2015 with brands like Nike, Humana, SoCal Edison, Kay Jewelers,, Mercedes, Duke Energy, and many more!

You can see more of David’s work on his website



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