Ready for Everything: Accents & Character Voices on Demand with Chris Lang (Recorded)



In professional voiceover work, you will be asked to do widely varied character voices and accents. You’ll be asked to do them on short notice and with very little prep time. This is true whether you are voicing several characters for an animation or audiobook project, or if you’re using a single, new accent for commercial work.

You will need to be prepared with the best, most reliable techniques and processes to make sure you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice – Ready with ANY accent or character voice! This is especially true as you are building your career and proving to casting directors that you are a reliable pro. This will be your competitive edge in every audition.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • How to prepare to do a NEW accent in an audition
  • Understand every possible accent YOU and YOUR UNIQUE VOICE may be asked for
  • What you need to know to be your best at any accent or dialect you are asked for
  • Reliable processes & techniques to achieve what your vocal instrument is naturally capable of

Watch professional dialect coach Chris Lang’s 90-minute webinar and learn what it takes to be Ready For Everything so you can BOOK the job!

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Recording!
Investment: $39 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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