Advanced Audacity Webinar (Recorded)



Jonah Rosenthal - Global Voice Acting Academy

Our first Audacity Webinar with Jonah Rosenthal sold out to great acclaim, and we had so many requests for an Advanced Audacity webinar, we thought we’d deliver forthwith.”

In our first Audacity Voiceover Editing Webinar, we covered all the basics in terms of recording and editing using best practices. If you’ve already refined your workflow and are ready to take your editing skills to the next level, this Advanced Audacity Webinar is for you! Whether you’re creating practice recordings for a character demo or have a client who needs you to deliver them a finished file with music accompanying your voiceover, by the end of this webinar you’ll know how to:

– Use compression correctly (a good skill to know for scripts with a lot of dynamic range)
– Add sound effects and vocal effects (such as pitch manipulation, EQ, reverb, panning, etc.)
– Add music (while making sure the levels are set correctly and the fades in and out are smooth)
– Create templates for different types of projects (as opposed to starting with an empty Audacity session)
– Apply a few additional techniques to speed up and simplify your editing process (such as having label tracks created automatically instead of manually)

PLUS an extensive Q&A from the live webinar!


Join Jonah and get advanced with Audacity!

Duration: 90 mins
Access: Unlimited Access to Webinar
Investment: $39 (free in GVAA Membership!!)

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