Twisted Wave Webinar Bundle



Jim EdgarLearn Twisted Wave from beginner to pro with our Twisted Wave Voiceover Editing Webinar Bundle!!

Jim Edgar of leads you through his beginner and advanced webinars, teaching you how to become a proficient user!

Here’s what you get!





Working in Twisted Wave with Jim Edgar

Working with most recording software available these days, you realize something fast – they are simply not designed for voice actors. With a clean interface and intuitive detail editing tools, Twisted Wave lets you focus on what matters most – being brilliant behind the mic!

Jim Edgar relies upon this audio software every day to produce long form projects and efficiently submit auditions under deadline conditions.

In this webinar Jim shares his tricks and insights gained from years of use:

  • Features of Twisted Wave let you get up and running immediately
  • Tuning Twisted Wave to make it even better
  • The amazingly intuitive Twisted Wave audio editing tools
  • Plug-ins & Effects to sound great – Stacks & Batches to handle your repetitive tasks
  • Twisted Wave Markers will make your life better
  • Q&A to cover your questions

Join Jim and Work in Twisted Wave!


Advanced Twisted Wave with Jim Edgar

With the release of Version “24”, Twisted Wave has added some very interesting features. In this webinar, Jim Edgar builds on the best practices from his first webinar, “Working in Twisted Wave”, and explores how to put these to use in your home studio.

By the end of this recorded webinar you’ll know how to:

  • Using TW’s new Noise Reduction tool. (Wait! Stop the presses! TW now has Noise Reduction?)
  • Implement the new features and tools in the newest version of Twisted Wave
  • Speed up editing in eLearning
  • Use the “Clip List” to quickly insert audio or specific sections of room tone
  • Dig deeper into the Effects list, and add some useful plug-ins
  • Set up more effective Stacks
  • Combine tools to reduce production time
  • PLUS an extensive Q&A session from the live webinar!

For delivering high quality audio results efficiently, Twisted Wave is one of the most direct and useful recording environments available to voice actors.

Join Jim Edgar and spend less time messing around with editing and engineering, and more time focused on being brilliant behind the mic.


Duration: 3.5 Hrs (2 webinars)
Access: Unlimited access to webinars
Investment: $69 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!!)


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