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Jonah Rosenthal - Global Voice Acting Academy

Learn Audacity from beginner to pro with our Audacity Voiceover Editing Webinar Bundle!!

Jonah Rosenthal leads you through his beginner and advanced webinars, teaching you how to become a proficient user!

Here’s what you get!


Audacity Voiceover Editing Webinar

Audacity is one of the best pieces of software for voiceover because it’s free, works with Mac and PC, and is straightforward to use. Remember, even if you’re the best voice actor for a job, you might not be hired if your recordings don’t meet industry standards.

Equally important as getting a clean recording is knowing how to properly edit your voiceovers. Amateurish editing is a big red flag for a lot of potential clients, regardless of how fitting your voice may be for their project.

In this 2 hr webinar, GVAA’s Home Studio coach Jonah Rosenthal teaches you how to:

  • Drastically improve your workflow, so that you can cut your editing time in half
  • Configure your software by creating usable templates
  • Eliminate organics (mouth noises such as lip smacks)
  • Eliminate clicks, pops, sibilant “s” sounds, and other background noise
  • Eliminate certain breath sounds, while knowing which others to keep
  • Set your audio levels to an appropriate volume
  • Avoid over-processing and keep your voice sounding natural
  • Export in different formats (depending on what’s requested by a client)
  • Save and organize all your files
  • Keep appropriate vocal pacing in your recording, depending on whether it’s for an audition or a booked job

Jonah will make sure that you’re recording and editing with the utmost confidence so that every file you send will exceed your client’s expectations!

Advanced Audacity Webinar

In our first webinar, Jonah covered the basics in terms of recording and editing using best practices. If you’re already ready to take your editing skills to the next level, this Advanced Audacity Webinar is for you!

By the end of this 90-minute webinar, you’ll know how to:

  • Use compression correctly (a good skill to know for scripts with a lot of dynamic range)
  • Add sound effects and vocal effects (such as pitch manipulation, EQ, reverb, panning, etc.)
  • Add music (while making sure the levels are set correctly and the fades in and out are smooth)
  • Create templates for different types of projects (as opposed to starting with an empty Audacity session)
  • Apply a few additional techniques to speed up and simplify your editing process (such as having label tracks created automatically instead of manually)

PLUS, an extensive Q&A from the live webinar!

Join Jonah and get advanced with Audacity!


Duration: 3.5 Hrs (2 webinars)
Access: Unlimited access to webinars
Investment: $69 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!!)


**DISCLAIMER** GVAA partners with Casting Directors, Coaches, and Agents strictly for the purpose of educating voice actors. Participation does not guarantee representation or work.