David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal

Who becomes a great musician, a great athlete, a great actor, or a great teacher without training? And who remains great at what they do without continued training? Does a musician stop practicing once they become famous? Does an athlete stop working out? Does a great actor never take another class? It’s a very competitive world out there, and unless you stay on top of your game you will be left in the dust. Training must always be a part of what you do to remain competitive and sharp. Some of my good friends in L.A., who are bona fide “celebrities”, regularly take class as a form of inspiration and challenge. In my classes, I often take part in the exercises alongside my students because, hey, why should they have all the fun? Training isn’t a chore. It’s a joy!

Now, having said that, let me qualify. In order for voice training to be a joy you have to find the right teacher and/or coach. There is no substitute for real, live, one-on-one training or small group classes. Going face to face with someone who can work with you in real time is essential to your getting work in this industry. But it’s not just any training coach or school that’ll make this happen. You need to shop around and “kick the tires” a bit before committing to one coach or school. You want to find someone who’s right for you, who has your best interests at heart, and knows how to work magic with what you have inside of you.

At the GVAA (www.globalvoiceacademy.com) we’ve created that place for you. We’ve scoured the country for coaches who teach and motivate with the same joy, intelligence, real-world experience, and philosophy of fun that I mention as being so essential here in all my posts. With a great voiceover coach or school, your chances of succeeding in this business grow substantially. Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself that kind of an edge?

So come to voiceover training with the idea that it will not only solidify but also sustain your career and your sense of joy in the world! Keep practicing, keep training, and know that you are never too old or too experienced (or too jaded) to learn something new that can ultimately bring you more voiceover work and more enjoyment!


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