Find Your Voice in the Millennial Market with Maria Pendolino

Workshop Description Today, there are over 80 million millennials in the US alone. That's people who were born between 1981 and 1996. As millennials become the dominant purchasing demographic and the largest employable generation - advertisers, brands, and companies are trying to reach them, both as consumers and potential future employees! And they need more […]

Medical & Technical Narration with David Rosenthal

Class Description Medical and Technical Narration are specialized but lucrative niches in the voiceover industry. They demand a familiarity and ease with the pronunciation of medical/technical terminology, as well as an ability to sound natural and conversational while speaking a very complex vocabulary. The good news is that clients are often willing to pay more […]


Video Game Efforts & Exertions with David Rosenthal

Class Description Anyone serious about getting work in the video game industry needs to know how to effectively perform realistic efforts, exertions, cries, and yells. Just as important, you need to execute all of these in a manner that does no harm to your vocal cords. It is what allows you to make money, after […]


Inside Disney Casting with Casting Manager Jennifer Trujillo

Workshop Description Animation castings are highly desired but extremely competitive. Understanding what top casting directors look for is a must to be at the top of the game and in contention for these roles. Jennifer Trujillo, Manager of Casting and Talent Relations at Disney, joins GVAA for a special workshop to discuss everything Disney Casting […]


Creating Characters For Your Demo with David Rosenthal

Description Back by popular demand!! David's first class sold out in just 1 DAY!! Since there was so much interest, he decided to offer the class again! Get your seat before they're gone!! In order to become and remain competitive in the world of character voiceover, you need to have a stable of around 6 strong, differing characters of […]