Accent Essentials with Pamela Vanderway



There are now more roles than ever for voice-over actors who can convincingly perform in regional and foreign accents for audiobook narration, commercials, and video games. At the same time, there is a shortage of actors with the accent chops that casting directors are hoping to find.

Join President of Dialect coaches Worldwide, Pamela Vanderway for Accent Essentials!

Her 2hr Recorded Webinar will help you gain a competitive edge (and make a casting director’s day!) by learning:

  • what casting entities really expect from actors in accent
  • what makes an accent performance work (or not!)
  • how to choose the right accent for each project
  • what the process of learning an accent really looks like

Pamela Vanderway is a professional dialect consultant located in Los Angeles, California whose client list includes Oscar, Tony and Emmy winners. During her career, of nearly two decades, she has devised one of the most effective methods for learning accents available. Click here to read her full bio.


Duration: 2 Hours
Access: Unlimited access to webinar on this page – (see video below)
Investment: $97 (10% off in GVAA Membership!!)



**DISCLAIMER** GVAA partners with Casting Directors, Coaches, and Agents strictly for the purpose of educating voice actors. Participation does not guarantee representation or work.