How To Get Terrific Testimonials With Jonathan Tilley



There’s no other way to say it: testimonials rock!

They take the pressure off of you bragging about how awesome you are and lets other people build your authority for you. Testimonials prove that you have worked professionally and are a psychological trick to clients that says “well if THAT person said that about you then you MUST be good!”

In this exclusive webinar, Jonathan will:

• Share his tried and tested pre-written script on how to get terrific testimonials
• Help you edit down your testimonials to punchy perfection
• And show you where to put your terrific testimonials online for maximum wow factor!

ALSO! Terrific questions answered during a 30 min Q&A!

Join Personal Brand Strategist, Jonathan Tilley, and learn How To Get Terrific Testimonials!!

When you purchase this recorded webinar you’ll receive access to the following:

  • Link and password for recorded classes
  • Materials and Script used in the live webinar – follow along as Jonathan shows you how to write and edit testimonials!

Duration: 90-min Webinar
Format: Recorded Live Webinar
Access: Unlimited access to webinar on this page (see below)
Investment: $39 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

*This is a recorded product, there is no live component

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