Know Your Worth & Quote with Confidence – with David Toback (Recorded)



Understanding voiceover rates can be confusing, complex, and downright frustrating! But they don’t have to be!

Learning the foundations of rate structures, usage, negotiation, and how to recognize what type of VO you’re quoting for will give you the confidence to run your business with authority!

Join the industry’s leading rates expert, David Toback, and learn how!

In this recorded webinar, David reviews:

  •  Rate Guide Updates!! We’ve made some cool new changes!!
  •  Broadcast & Non-Broadcast: Review of VO genres that make these categories up and understand how to spot the differences
  •  Digital Usage: What is it exactly, what is its reach, and how should it be quoted?
  •  Terms To Know: Understand the common lingo that gives you clues to know how to quote
  •  Questions to ask: What to ask your client in order to get the information you need
  •  Negotiation-Rebuttal Phrases: You’ve quoted and your client responds, now what? Common rebuttal phrases you’ll encounter and how to respond to them to set yourself up to win!
  •  Your role in solidifying rates and securing voice actor value for our industry and your business!
  •  PLUS a 30-min Q&A with answers to your burning rates questions!!

Learn the vital information you need to understand rates so you can run your business from a place of power!

Join David and demystify rates, understand your worth, and quote with confidence!!

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Recording – You’ll also receive the slides and contract template from the live webinar!
Investment: $39 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

David is a Voice Actor, COO of the GVAA, performance coach, creator of the GVAA Rate Guide, and the industry’s foremost rates expert and advocate. He educates the industry on rates, voice actor value, and mindful practices to run a business from a place of abundance and authority. David is a passionate advocate for fair rates and showing voice actors the value they command. He’s had the pleasure of educating the industry through the GVAA, coaching, podcasts, and speaking at conferences such as VOcation, V.O. North, and VO Atlanta. David is dedicated to ensuring the stability of voiceover rates through rate and negotiation education and advice.. For more information on David, read his bio here.


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