Voice Over Villains with Brian Sommer (Recorded)



Take the Villain out of a story, and what do you have? A very BORING story. Without the ‘Bad Guy,’ you just have a bunch of furry animals running around a forest, singing, and dancing. The antagonists are what drive the story. They provide the conflict that must be battled by the hero. Villains can be dramatic or comedic, but the important thing for the voice actor to concentrate on is their motivation. This two-week recorded course will do just that!

Find your ‘inner baddie’ with the help of Brian Sommer, a veteran voice actor with over 300 character credits (yes, the majority of them are just plain evil!)!


Duration: 3.75 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Recorded Class
Investment: $229 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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