A Master Class in Promo with Joyce Castellanos (Recorded)



Promo is a fun and fast-paced voiceover genre suitable for all types of VO talent! The announcer voice has been pushed aside and authentic voices that match a show’s brand and market are what casting directors want.

If you’re interested in honing in on Promo, this four-week master class is perfect! Learn from the Queen of Promo, Joyce Castellanos, as she focuses on the technical and creative sides of promos while exploring your vocal range and appropriate markets!

Each recorded class will work with both dry and with audio beds as well as visualization, physicality, building your timing clock, and script breakdown.

  • CLASS 1: KIDS PROMOS – Work on various styles, attitudes, and demographics of kid’s programming.
  • CLASS 2: MOVIE PROMOS – Identify the differences between theatrical trailers and broadcast promos of movies, as well as defining styles of films.
  • CLASS 3: RADIO PROMOS – Review the differences between TV promos and Radio promos, and continue working on attitude and delivery.
  • CLASS 4: NON-SCRIPTED/REALITY PROMOS – Continue defining styles of various non-scripted shows and working on attitude and performance.


Join us for an epic class…
that will have you laughing, crying, and learning!
The Queen of Promo herself takes you on a thrill ride through the World of Promo!

Master Class In Promo with Joyce Castellanos!
Only on GVAA!


Duration: 8 Hours – 2hrs per class
Access: Unlimited Access to Recorded Workshop
Investment: $429 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

*When you purchase this recorded class you’ll receive access to the following:

  • Link and password for the class videos
  • Any Class Materials, Scripts, and Homework Assignments from the live class!

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