Finding Video Game Work with Ian Russell (Recorded)



We love video game VO, but actually finding work can be tougher than any boss battle! To raise the difficulty setting even higher, most smaller developers are unfamiliar with the process of casting for their game, or how to budget for voice actor casting. Industry veteran Ian Russell will show you that it takes more than just heroic battle cries to unlock a consistent video game career.

Here’s what to expect in this recorded webinar with Ian:

  • An overview of the video game VO business
  • Tools to help smaller developers budget for and cast you, along with real-life examples of how it can work
  • Several simple, actionable ideas you can use to find new clients and book work
  • How do you know if your auditions are working? Being in tune with your business statistics you can tell. Ian will show you how
  • How to expand your business opportunities with every client
  • 30-min Q&A to answer all your questions
  • PLUS! An exercise in which everyone can find a new lead (All you need is internet access)

Watch Ian and level up your video game career!

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Recording!
Investment: $39 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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